The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Advertising Flags And Banners

Almost everyone knows about Teardrop bannersĀ or display screen that contains information, this is usually utilized to convey information or a product that is often called the ad. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of advertising flags and banners? Here is the explanation.

Advantages :
– Audience can set the tempo in reading
They could repeat their reading back and organize how fast or slow they to read the ads.

– Media that can be reviewed
Readers can calmly peruse the ad and they can read back the ads with portions that according to their will.

– Characteristically permanent
Because it is imprinted, the message is permanent and is the main force may be used as evidence.

– Durable
This kind of media is durable and can be seen from a distance.

– Can be asked to others
When readers do not understand on the part of its contents, the reader may ask others in that time.

Disadvantages :
– There is no audiovisual
It needs an imagination of the readers to enjoy and understand it. It also needs reading skills and attention, because there are non-auditory and nonvisual.

– Process longer
It requires long production and distribution process because it was complex.

– The material used is sometimes not good
The type of material used is usually rips meaning high mechanical disturbances so that the information received is incomplete.

– Lose by the internet
In the development of internet marketing these days, you may begin to forget the banners function as a media campaign. Everything you can promote through social media status.

Therefore now many people are turning to advertising via the web, and not by advertising flags and banners again. Key, in order to remain successful at something, is to keep abreast of the times and to remain unique.